Anaesthesiology and inhalation anaesthesia

Anaesthesiology is the science dealing with anaesthesia and pain therapy.
General anaesthesia is an intentional, fully controlled and reversible process of loss of consciousness and pain sensation, which allows for conducting surgical operations and diagnostic procedures.

The current knowledge allows for guiding the pet through the procedure with maintaining excellent safety.
The risk of complications depends on the type of procedure, its mode (planned/emergency) and comorbidities.

Before anaesthesia, a qualifying visit takes place, during which the doctor assesses the animal’s health state, orders additional tests (blood tests, echocardiography, chest x-ray) and pre-plans the entire procedure.
During the visit or before it (in the form of an email), the carer fills out an anaesthesia questionnaire.

Anaesthesia is a process that starts even at home!
Proper animal preparation includes compliance with previous recommendations: fasting and administration of medications (painkillers/sedatives).

At Saskavet, we have modern equipment for inhalation anaesthesia, MINDRAY Veta 5, with a built- in respirator and a cardio monitor.
This allows for a comprehensive assessment of the animal’s condition within the perioperative period and a quick response when complications occur.