Early symptoms of diseases in rabbits and rodents

Rabbits and rodents are extremely delicate, sensitive and susceptible to diseases. In them, even seemingly trivial symptoms can quickly turn into a life-threatening condition. Interestingly, they have an innate ability to mask pain and symptoms of the disease in its early stages – it is a tactic aimed at protecting against predators. Unfortunately, this feature, so valuable in the natural environment, also means that health problems of small mammals at home very often go unnoticed by their owners.

Therefore, any, even the most subtle, change in the animal’s activity or behavior should always be consulted with a veterinarian!

What should pay a special attention to?

  • lack of appetit
  • smaller amount or lack of feces in the litter box
  • lethargy, apathy
  • bloating, enlargement of the abdomen
  • hair rising
  • teeth grinding
  • unusual position.

If your little friend is behaving unusually, do not hesitate – remember that only your quick reaction gives the veterinarian a chance to help the animal!