In our clinic, we take care for rabbits, rodents, hedgehogs and ferrets. We offer a full range of internal medicine, diagnostic, surgical and dental services. Our smallest patients are treated by a DVM Urszula Grzesiuk.

Proper care of an animal means, first of all, a properly balanced diet and optimal conditions in which the animal is kept. The diet must be adapted to the species, age and health of the animal. In this matter, you should not completely trust pet stores, which unfortunately still stock products with incorrect or even harmful ingredients and whose employees often do not have the appropriate knowledge.

What should make you take your rabbit, rodent, ferret or hedgehog to the veterinarian?

  • do it immediately after purchase, to establish a prevention plan and discuss all issuesrelated to the animal’s maintenance,
  • reduced activity of the animal, lack of reaction to humans, lying still
  • weight loss (the animal should be weighed on a kitchen scale regularly, preferably once every week or two)
  • decreased food intake (visible by the amount of food left and the amount of feces excreted)
  • no stools, changed appearance of stools or liquidy stools, dirty anal area
  • decreased or increased urine output
  • increased water intake
  • presence of alopecia or wounds on the skin, intense scratching
  • audible whistling when breathing, sneezing, clear and strong work of the abdominal muscles when breathing
  • discharge from the nose, eyes, mouth – visible, for example, as wet or stuck fur in these areas
  • red, painful heels
  • the appearance of lumps or other deformities, whether painful or not – teeth that bend sideways or turn inwards in the mouth.

Remember that the smaller the animal, the faster the disease progresses. If you notice disturbing symptoms, do not wait – contact the clinic immediately, in most cases an intervention is necessary on the same day.

We also encourage you to read the DENTISTRY, PROPHYLAXIS and REPRODUCTION tabs (castrations and sterilizations) to learn more about keeping rabbits.