Care treatments and haircut/groomer 


We offer care baths (e.g. before haircut) and Shampoo Therapy In Veterinary Dermatology (recommended by a veterinarian).

Dogs should have care sometimes, as they can induce skin diseases.
Before we bathe your pet, we will ensure which shampoo suits his/her needs (care or dermatological).

Choosing the right shampoo for a dog or cat is essential from the perspective of skin health and condition.
If you need to know what is the best to care for your pet – it’s worth seeking advice at the Clinic.


Our groomer is the veterinary technician Luiza Serwin.
You can make an appointment for haircuts by phone, in person at the reception desk, or on our Facebook (
Before the haircut, a consultation will be held to determine precisely the scope of the procedure and expectations regarding the haircut.


Only some animals will allow you to perform the necessary care activities while being fully aware. As veterinarians, we know this very well. Therefore at Saskavet, we can perform a haircut under sedation.

If you want to perform such a service on your pet, make an appointment for a qualifying visit.
Only after examining the animal by a veterinarian will it be decided whether the patient qualifies for such a haircut.
During the entire procedure, apart from the groomer, the animal’s sleep is supervised by the veterinarian, who controls the vital parameters and ensures the pet’s safety.

We invite you to book an appointment:)


If your pet doesn’t like having its claws trimmed at home, we will gladly help!
We will professionally shorten the claws of even the most demanding charges (dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, hedgehogs, parrots, canaries and other exotic animals).


During the visit, it is possible to clean the perianal glands of a dog or cat.
This treatment is carried out before bathing because the secretion from the glands has a specific, unpleasant aroma that lingers on the coat for a long time.

Regular emptying of the perianal glands protects the animal against the development of inflammation in this place and, in extreme cases, purulent fistula.
A veterinarian should carry this procedure regularly every 4-6 weeks in animals that tend to accumulate secretions in the glands. Overcrowding of the perianal glands is often a disease symptom, and it can, for example, accompany allergies or food intolerance.