Orthopedics is a field of veterinary medicine dealing with the diagnostics and treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases.

At SaskaVet, orthopedic consultations take place every Monday, and reequire prior registration. During each consultation a manual examination of a non-anesthetized animal, usually extended by a manual examination under sedation and an X-ray, are being performed.

Consultations include, along many others, diagnostics of puppies and adult dogs for joint dysplasia, diagnosis and treatment of degenerative changes, fractures, injuries, dislocations, and ligament damage. At SaskaVet, it is also possible to perform an orthopedic examination to qualify the dog for health insurance.

In addition, we deal with surgical treatment of orthopedic diseases, including joint surgery. We perform bone osteosynthesis procedures after fractures, surgical treatmentof joint dislocations and ligament ruptures, and spine procedures. We also provide therapies using modern regenerative medicine methods – such as PRP and IRAP.

Orthopedic patients are consulted and operated on by dr Juliusz Lipiński, specialist in veterinary surgery with over 20 years of experience.