The SASKAVET veterinary clinic is a place where modern diagnostic equipment and a well-equipped laboratory are at the disposal of our patients.

Thanks to this, we can offer a wide range of services, and test results are usually available on the same day.

We provide comprehensive veterinary care 7 days a week.

Our clinic is located in Warsaw, in the heart of Saska Kępa, next to Skaryszewski Park.


The clinic consists of a team of doctors specializing in various fields of veterinary medicine, such as:

  • dermatology
  • soft tissue surgery (including castrations and sterilizations)
  • dentistry (dogs, cats, lagomorphs, rodents)
  • reproduction and obstetrics (breeding care, pregnancy management, determination of the optimal mating date in bitches, insemination)
  • imaging diagnostics (X-ray, ultrasound)
  • exotic animal medicine (rodents, rabbits)
  • anaesthesiology.

We also provide care services at the Clinic.
There is a groomer at your disposal who also helps to prepare animals for exhibitions.

On the recommendation of the attending physician, we also perform therapeutic baths.

Do you want to bring
your pet to us?

Visits to dr Marta Meissner are arranged by phone or on site (for specific hours)


At the SASKAVET Clinic, we treat not only dogs and cats.
We also take care of:

  • rabbits
  • domestic cavies
    (guinea pigs)
  • hamsters
  • mice
  • gerbils


  • degus
  • chinchillas
  • hedgehogs
  • domestic ferrets
  • and other exotic animals


The best veterinary clinic where I had the opportunity to be. I wish I could be treated like that!

Feedback from Google

Doctor Marta Meissner has been watching over the health of my cats for almost 3 years. At that time, one of them fell seriously ill. Thanks to the doctor’s knowledge, perseverance and quick response, the cat’s current condition is satisfactory, even though there have been several moments when the cat’s life was directly in danger, and each subsequent minute could mean its death.
During each visit, the doctor explains in detail why certain actions are taken and what the animal’s guardian must do to achieve the desired effect. The doctor is always open to cooperation, in which she carefully considers the results of consultations and recommendations of other doctors each time, choosing an effective treatment program. I recommend.

Mr. Marcin
Feedback from Google

I highly appreciate the knowledge, professionalism, commitment and passion of Doctor Marta Meissner as well as the nice and friendly atmosphere at the clinic. Together with my Redhead, we have been under the care of Doctor Marta for several years (in the previous clinic). We met because of kidney disease. Then came diabetes. Today we are fighting pancreatic tumours 😢.
Thank you especially for your patience and understanding, because neither I nor my cat are easy patients (I suspect that my cat’s aggression and hatred of all veterinarians has become a legend of this clinic). I just hope that my Misha will be her patient for a long time.

Ms. Beata
Feedback from Google

Clinic for 5!
The doctors and the entire staff were very nice and patient, which was very much needed in the case of my cat.
A big plus for being able to make appointments for a specific hour. There are also no problems with calling the clinic, and even if they do, the employees always call back. By the way, I would like to thank Dr. Cecylia, Marta and Magda (in random order) for saving my savage and bringing him back to health. I am glad that I was in such good hands 🙂 greetings on behalf of myself and Frotka 🙂

Ms. Karolina
Feedback from Google

I heartily recommend. My female cat was in very bad condition, another veterinarian was even talking about putting it to sleep. After a recommendation from a friend, I went to SaskaVet, and although it took some time, the female cat has been saved and is now cavorting, playing, eating normally and using the litter box. Everything indicates that she still has a long cat life ahead of her.

Feedback from Google

There are many vet clinics. But Saskavet is number 1 on the map of Warsaw. Doctor Marta and Hania ❤.
We thank you very much for help. The entire personnel is wonderful, professional and helpful. Thank you and see you. We greet Lusia and Tomek

Mr. Tomasz
Feedback from Google


We are also happy guardians of dogs, cats and exotic animals.

Our dream was to create a place where every pet will be provided with the highest quality veterinary care, in accordance with current European standards.

We make every effort to ensure that all activities at the clinic are comfortable for the patient and its carer.


Weekend duty

The Saskavet veterinary clinic is also open on Saturday and Sunday. Patients who have made an appointment in advance by phone have priority admission.

Check which of our doctors admits next weekend and at what times:

Zofia Wiśnios

Cecylia Majak

konsultacje gastroenterologiczne, badania USG / gastroenterological consultations, ultrasonography / гастроентерологічні консультації, УЗД

obowiązują wcześniejsze zapisy / hourly registrations are required /обов”язковий попередній запис

Zofia Wiśnios



Rondo Waszyngtona 2a
03-910 Warsaw



Monday – Friday 9.00-21.00
Saturday 9.00-18.00
Sunday 10.00-14.00