Plastic surgery for dogs and cats

Plastic surgery isn’t just for humans! On the contrary – it is a very dynamically developing field of veterinary medicine. Procedures such as BOAS, plastic surgery of nasolabial folds, eyelid plastic surgery (entropion and ectropion correction), and skin transplants are now widely performed and are becoming more and more popular. However, in animals they are not performed for aesthetic reasons, but to correct anatomical abnormalities and to improve health. Some anatomical features that are an integral part of the breed standard of many modern breeds of dogs and cats result in numerous problems in the everyday functioning of their representatives.

Respiratory problems, exercise intolerance and visual disturbances are just some of them. Pharmacological treatment is often impossible or has low effectiveness and plastic surgery is often the only option to improve the quality of life of these animals.

In October 2023 Pumba, a 4.5-year-old Shar-Pei female, underwent bilateral blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty.

Thanks to the surgery, she can now breath effortlessly and has an unrestricted view.