Regular control of body weight

Regular control of body weight is one of the most important elements of assessment of the animal’s condition and health. For pet owners, being aware of the numbers on the scale allows them to get rid of illusions, and it very often is the first impulse to implement changes in their pet’s lifestyle – such as diet modification and an improvement of physical fitness.

For a veterinarian, knowing the patient’s body weight is much more – its loss or, on the contrary, gain are common symptoms of many diseases. Moreover, the percentage of muscle and fat in the body affects the metabolism of administered drugs.

Did you know that in veterinary medicine almost all drugs are dosed per kg of body weight? That means that drug doses are individually calculated for each patient!

We encourage dog owners to weigh their dogs before entering the consulting room! A properly calibrated scale built into the floor is located to the right of the reception counter – our technicians will be happy to help if needed. Cats and smaller animals are being weighted during the visit, in the consulting room – to prevent them from escaping and to avoid exposing them to unnecessary stress.