Ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland is a complementary test in the diagnosis of thyroid diseases – such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and suspected hyperplastic lesions, as well as in the diagnosis of parathyroid diseases. Indications for performing the examination include any irregularities noticed by the veterinarian during the patient’s clinical examination, as well as abnormalities in the results of additional tests – most commonly in the results of blood analysis.

Thyroid diseases mainly occur in geriatric patients and, with appropriate treatment, are most often not life-threatening or affect the comfort of life. Unfortunately, there is also a group of diseases that require much more invasive methods of treatment, e.g. surgical intervention. Ultrasound examination is one of the tests that allows the veterinarian to make a diagnosis and implement appropriate treatment in a given case.

The examination is performed in conscious animals, most often in a sitting, less often in a lying position. The examination does not require dietary preparation, but it is necessary to properly prepare the neck area – i.e. shave the hair, which allows obtaining a diagnostic image of a quality appropriate for the assessment of the examined structures.

At SaskaVet, our ultrasound specialists use the highest quality equipment – Vinno G65 and Versana Balance, which enable high-level imaging of even the smallest structures.