At Saskavet Clinic, you have at your disposal high-quality RTGMeX+40 equipment, which is placed in the laboratory that meets the stringent requirements of the nuclear law.

Thanks to this, we can ensure radiological safety for all persons and animals staying at the Clinic.

We use the X-ray apparatus for extensive diagnostics:

  • fractures and osteoarticular injuries,
  • hip and elbow dysplasia,
  • degenerative changes in the skeletal system,
  • lung diseases,
  • urolithiasis,
  • gastrointestinal tract, including foreign bodies and peristalsis due to the use of a contrast
X-ray diagnostics is also an appropriate tool for assessing the progression of neoplastic diseases and transfers (metastases) in organs available for assessment.
The examination is usually performed under anaesthesia, as it allows for proper patient positioning and precise selection of the position for the test. However, there are situations in which we cannot subject an animal to sedation. Therefore we have appropriate protections for animal guardians (lead aprons for the body and thyroid gland). Only an adult guardian may be present during such an examination.